Skid Prevention – Rollover Training

Skid Control and Recovery

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Skid Truck is a mobile platform essential to train drivers the importance of avoiding dangerous situations that lead to loss of control. Unlike any other type of training, this stable platform is used in conjunction with a classroom environment to safely take away vehicle traction (front, rear, or both) from the driver. This simulates unstable environments the driver will probably be challenged with during their driving career. By inoculating stressful conditions, drivers are subjected to their “actual” skills versus what “they” perceive. In addition, each driver is reviewed as to how they handle emergency situations that lead to critical failure. Excel then teaches drivers how to make good decisions before critical skills are necessary.

This program does much more than train people how to skid; it incorporates fundamental knowledge in training and how to avoid loss of control.  This all leads to rollovers and other collisions caused by loss of control, which is usually driver error. Fundamental training points are:

Developing critical cognitive skills- The ability to see into a situation before advanced skills are necessary and react in simple ways to reduce the need for advanced skills

Over-use of braking and acceleration- Most drivers when stressed vary in reactionary skills which lead to problems in driving

Misuse of steering- reacting too soon, too much, too long, or too often creates instability that is the leading cause of rollovers and loss of control. Excel teaches how to curb reactionary behavior and use less steering to avoid crashes.

This program is utilized for all types of drivers and applies in conditions for light-duty vehicles as well as Commercial drivers.