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Jamie Reynolds

This is the best school!!! I learned so much and I know I am going to be a safer driver because of the great class. It really makes you think.

As Seen in the Rocky Mountain News March 18th 2007


Excel Truck and Auto Simulators Train Drivers, Including Teens, for Employment and Licensing

Excel Driver Services, in Wheat Ridge offers classes for the first-time driver, and the driver who needs training and testing to obtain a commercial drivers license. Using the latest technology, students can train on simulators. These range in size from a passenger car to a Freightliner truck stripped down for teaching. The larger one fills an entire bay at the campus. The simulators project driving simulations on three walls for students to ‘drive’ through. Virtual simulation allows students to work on any driving issues in a closed safe environment. ‘Simulation also places students in ‘crisis management’ situations, enabling them to practice handling difficult and extreme circumstances. Instructors believe that real-time training is critical to the successful graduate. For that reason, they use real vehicles in all of their programs. The commercial driving program includes mountain driving, night driving, trip planning, visual search and communication, and space management. It is geared to giving students the range of knowledge needed to pass the state driving exam, from a 108-point pre-trip inspection to backing maneuvers.

Help getting work

The school also helps its graduates with job placement. Many feel that having a CDL means driving strictly over the road, being away from home for weeks at a time. This is not the case. Excel works with established companies in the Denver area who want to hire recent program graduates for a variety of openings. No prior driving experience is needed with large vehicles. That can mean that students have no bad driving habits. Excel aims to teach participants the good habits needed to be safe, courteous drivers. The company is on the list of pre-approved schools that work with Colorado Workforce Centers. Approved students can attend Excel with the help of a tuition grant. It is not a loan. It is a grant and no payments are expected from students approved for this federally funded program. For those who want automobile driving instruction, Excel Driver Services offers classes for teenagers and other first-time drivers. The program offers classroom time using a Power Point presentation, textbook and the Colorado Driver Handbook. Classroom also includes a defensive driving program, and a drug and alcohol awareness session.

Safe surprises

After the in-class portion is completed, eight hours is spent on the auto simulator. The student is introduced to scenarios that may be encountered on an average day behind the wheel. This can keep most students from being quite so over-whelmed when they get behind the steering wheel of a real vehicle. The school is proud that it has one of only two simulators available to teenagers in Colorado. Its behind-the-wheel sessions consist of six hours of one-on-one work with a driving instructor. SIM appointments can be arranged into two or four hour appointments. Behind-the-wheel sessions are kept at two hours. Then students must log 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving with their parents, including 10 hours with them after dark. When students have held a driving permit for one year, driven the needed hours and feel ready, them they can come back to Excel to take the state-certified road exam. From there it is a trip to the ‘short line’ at Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles to turn in a control form. Then new drivers can be on their way to being responsible drivers.

by Nicole Lester As seen in the A-West School News Paper

Many students at A-West are familiar with Arvada Driving School, a local driver’s ed organization, because of their advertising in the West Wind and on the school announcements. However, there is an alternative to Arvada Driving School.

Located on 44th Avenue just east of Ward Road and across the street from the truck stop is a place called Excel Driver Services. It is a driving school, much like Arvada Driving School, but with several big differences. In addition to 24 hours of classroom instruction, six hours behind the wheel (BTW), and a defensive driving course, but unlike Arvada Driving School, they offer eight hours of simulator training. The simulator is incredibly realistic. It is a great tool for new drivers, beginning with the very basics, like how to work the dashboard controls, how to adjust the seat and steering wheel, and how to release the parking brake. The simulator has everything a real driving experience does all from the comfort of a computer. It can create weather conditions, mechanical failures, and other unexpected things that can happen on the road. One very nice thing about the simulator is that it can be configured to teach drivers how to operate a stick-shift, complete with clutch and stick. These days, driver’s ed is a course required of the DMV for all student drivers. New laws dictate that teens must take a driver’s ed course in order to get their permit. Students must be fifteen years old on the first day of class, and that they hold their permit for at least one year. During that year, the DMV requires fifty hours of driving time, with driving in adverse conditions and ten hours of night driving- though the Excel instructors recommend that students triple that amount. The company is a good alternative to Arvada Driving School, even if it is a little bit more expensive. Courses are typically taught in the evening on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday schedule in order to conflict as little as possible with sports, and to allow students to acquire their permit in a week instead of a month. Upcoming courses are as follows: March 19, 21, 22, and 24, April 23, 25, 26, 28, and May 29, 30, 31 and June 2.

“Both my husband and I had an excellent experience at Excel driving school – not only were they very professional but, friendly as well. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to get their CDL.

Thanks Again,

Rebecca 🙂

whom it may concern:

We moved from Charleston, SC to

Denver, CO with the expectations of becoming team drivers. After visiting several different driving schools, we realized that Excel Driver Services was the proper school for our training. They immediately started contacting OTR trucking companies for us and even before we finished our training we were pre-hired by Trans Am and now after completing our training we are working for them.

Thanks to Excel for their professionalism and quality training. Thanks to Sheila for all she has done for us.

Donavan and Susan Bohlen (husband and wife)